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The 2023 Cyprus season is about to open so what better time to come over and see us. We have brand new additions to our regular, reliable fleet. Please call or click for a quote

Kia Picanto (Manual)

Kia Picanto Special Offer
Kia Picanto Special Offer


Top tips on saving on your car rental

Follow these steps if you’re thinking about hiring a car in 2023.

Book in advance

Don’t leave booking your car rental to the last minute! Due to demand predicting to outstrip supply again in 2023, availability is likely to become scarce. Our strongest advice is to book in advance.

Don’t fall for “cheap”

Some car rental companies may sacrifice good service for low prices! Unreputable brokers tend to work with car rental providers that are known to hide costs, hard sell unneeded extras, or charge extortionate fees for pre-existing damages. Browse quotes and check review sites before booking with the “cheapest” broker! We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees!

Cut out unneeded extra or upgrades

Cut out any unneeded extras such as a Sat Nav that can be replaced with a more cost efficient offline mobile app such as Google Maps or Waze! If you’re looking to save further, we recommend filtering car rental quotes to find more economical cars that would be cheaper to rent and run!

Rent a car with Julianna Car Rental

Renting a car with Julianna Car Rental can make booking in advance easy! With our Online Car Inquiry Form you can secure your car rental and have it delivered to your Hotel or accommodation or collect from our Office.
You’re in safe hands when you book your 2023 car rental with Julianna Car Rental.

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